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We are a group of talented individuals equipped with highly professional camera and lighting arrangements to capture each and every memorable events of your life, either it is a personal event or commercial.
Please note that we won't charge a dime until and unless our customer is satisfied with the quality of the photographs.
We also offer half an hour of free photo-shoot of any subject of your choice (some condition applied). Please contact (647) 995 0944



The painting gallery is dedicated to our India born, Canadian artist Dhiman Choudhury.
Dhiman is an award winning artist, endowed with many talents. In his childhood he started exploring the world of creativity under the wings of renowned artist Ramananda Bandopadhyay.
Dhiman's paintings received great affirmation from art critics as well as from the general art lovers, as they found affinity in his artistic manifastations.
His paintings were shown through private as well as government-sponsored exhibitions at various locations in Italy, Canada and India. He has more than 400 paintings all over the world with different art collectors.
He works with Acrylic and Oil color on canvas and paper. Please contact us for his original piece of art or prints. He does commission art too.



Professional and very much affordable web and graphic design solution that can highlight your image amongst all and definitely can put your company ahead of any competition in the market.
We are a group of creative Toronto-based designers offer a wide range of services, from Business card to all kinds of marketing materials at a very reasonable and affordable price.